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The Chateau

An exceptional Belgian wine culture
brought back to life.

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Its atmosphere

A castle built over centuries of history, surrounded by a variety of vineyards on an exceptionally calcareous terroir that was created over millions of years. Enriched with a state-of-the-art climate controlled wine cellar. Run by the passionate Kekko-van Rennes family who works the terroir wit experience, love and patience, transforming it into a series of acclaimed wines to admire, smell, savor, but above all, enjoy. Watch the video and experience the atmosphere of the wine castle and everything it has to offer.


Its historical background

The Chateau not only has a rich past, with the first traces of viticulture dating back to Roman times, it is also geographically at the origin of the wine culture in Belgium. Over the last centuries, the wine culture has unfortunately been lost. The Wine Castle Genoels-Elderen is the first wine castle in Belgium that, under the leadership of the Kekko-van Rennes family, blew new life into Belgian wine culture since 1991.

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Its terroir

With its 22 hectares (54 acres), the wine castle has some of the largest and best located vineyards in Belgium, spread over 5 different terroirs that are located close to the wine castle. This creates the ideal conditions to guarantee immediate pressing. The 18 hectares of Chardonnay and 4 hectares of Pinot Noir fall under the controlled designation of origin Haspengouw and Flemish sparkling quality wine.

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Its viti- & viniculture

By working with manual pre-selection, opting for summer pruning and using immediate pressing, the wine castle achieves the ultimate balance and finesse in its products. In the state-of-the-art climate-controlled cellar, age-old native yeasts from the original cellars are used, which forms the perfect balance between old and new. Depending on the product, fermentation and maturation take place in the best stainless steel tanks or Burgundy oak barrels or a combination of both.

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