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GRiD - the creators of our new website

Updated: Mar 18

A year of visualization

Since the beginning of 2023, we have been working with the multimedia Bureau GRiD. For more than a year, they were present at our key moments to visualize our craft and translate this into our new dynamic website.

By a passionate couple

Lize has a background as marketing specialist and Ben is a full-time graphic designer in its widest form. Together they strive to visualize passionate business with their multimedia bureau called GRiD. This creative couple visualized all the charming perspectives of the chateau to let you witness its craft as you were there. This beautiful representation of the chateau is incorporated in a new all-in-one website.

Ben Hellinckx, founder of GRiD - “As a wine enthousiast, working for Genoels-Elderen was definitely a dream coming true. As a Belgian citizen, I’m honored that we had the chance to visually elevate one of our most prestige Belgian wine brands. It truly tastes like more and hopefully we can start making a niche out of it.”

Are you interested in how this was developed?

Browse through the visual material in their portfolio or simply reach out for their services by sending them an e-mail via the button below.

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Martien van Elderen
Martien van Elderen
10 abr

looking great the new website! big compliments, regards Martien van Elderen

Me gusta
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