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B2B Levenswater Gold from Limburg

B2B Levenswater Gold from Limburg



The nice-looking bottle contains a delicious nectar. Intense, refined and particularly elegant, without losing strength, for the discerning enthusiast. The Gold matured for a long time in small oak wooden barrels, allowing the refined wood aromas to nestle in it. It conjures up a rich bouquet of scents. In the nose you can find vanilla, honey, as well as nuts and dried fruits. In the mouth it is round and soft, with a lot of flavor intensity.


It is the ideal companion for pastry, chocolate or a good cigar. Thanks to its taste structure, women may also enjoy it. Don’t drink it too cold, because you will miss out on the fine flavours. We even recommend 20 ° C. Pour it into a large wine or brandy glass, to fully display the aromas.

  • 100% Chardonnay

VAT Included
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